Why does motivation not last for long?


People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.

Zig Ziglar

Human beings are structured and enormously complex; their background, skills, perspectives, and personalities make humanity interesting.  

Humans are known to be emotional beings. Motivation, a psychological factor, shares a cause-and-effective relation with emotion. 

It is viewed as something that stimulates a person to act and behave to achieve the desired goal, and emotions are the feelings that emerge from the motive o from the actions caused by the motive.

When one says, “I need to get motivated,” what they intend is; “I want to feel stronger about doing this, and I hope that will get me to do it.” They mean this motivation but are they not talking about their emotion?

‘Motivation’ is derived from the term ‘motiv’. Which means an individual’s needs, desires, wants, or urges.


Though many variously define the term, it is an inner feeling which energizes a person and prompts them to do something more.

It is a psychological phenomenon that generates within an individual. For example, in an office scenario; a strong positive motivation will enable the increased output of employees but a negative motivation will reduce their performance. 

It encompasses the desire to continue aspiring toward the essence, goal, and a life worth living.

It can be both positive and negative. The theory of motivation distinguishes the differences in what keeps an individual happy and motivated:

  • Intrinsic motivation, which is driven by an internal force.
  • Extrinsic motivation, which is driven by an external force.

Motivation in your Genes

In this era of genetics, scientists have proven that; genes determine the behaviour, emotion, and learning abilities of individuals. 

Studies show that genetics plays an important role; in determining how a person feels in response to everything around them. This response could determine whether the person will pursue his/her goals.

Some genes are a high indicator of a person’s intrinsic motivation.

For example,

The Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) gene encodes the protein by the same name found in the regions of the brain that control eating, drinking, and body weight.

People who bear the less likely genotype tend to restrain easily from their activities when life gets busy yet, may benefit from some amounts of extrinsic motivation. 

A few other genes like; C18orf2, DNAPTP6, and PAPSS2 influence exercise motivation. 


Why doesn’t it last?

It is sort of; one gives a helping hand to the other by holding behind while climbing an incline. When the person stops supporting, the other falls backward.

 A scientific answer to the question is attributed to the controlling of the limbic brain (the part of the brain that involves in our behavioural and emotional responses) that handles instincts and decision-making.

The primary function of the brain is to preserve an individual’s survival and control movement, breathing, reproduction, etc. However, some actions that are driven by unconscious desires sustain deep in the brain. 

The brain regulates thinking and is responsible (approximately 20%) for decision-making; therefore, behavioural changes are often met with resistance.

The attempts of starting a new habit are snatched as the brain controls unconscious actions and is reluctant to change. 

Hence, a swiftly passing episode, frequently taken away by one’s unconscious desires; even despite best intentions, doesn’t last. 

Yet, for some, more than motivation, sound habits with a compelling why are the prominent components that help to achieve goals and success.

As the late American motivational speaker Jim Rohn said:

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”


Enduring motivation

It could stay persistently if one continuously remains in the process of enhancing life at every phase of living. 

Indulging personalised lifestyle management could behold as a determined it.

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