My Food Can Be Poison For You!


Food is the organic fuel of the body and the nourishment to live healthily. Intake of food is simplified as reassurance of our survival. Nowadays, food is not for health and is for comfort or even culture beyond its nutritious aspects. The fast pace of the world has turned down the momentum of food as a nutriment but a mere outcome of personal choices and imitations. Here comes the prominence of the proverb “one man’s meal is another man’s poison.”

It is an indisputable universal fact that emphasizes what is good, enjoyable, or beneficial for one is not necessarily the same for another. And is considerably alike regarding food. For instance, sea slug soup is a health-giving delicacy to fend for one’s tasty treat but unthinkable in other parts of the world.

The nutritional regime on one’s plate may not tend to another even for twins in the same family or among friends.

It is common of some people of the same family are prone to lactose intolerance. This is caused due to the inability to digest lactose in the milk leading to nausea, cramps, or bloating. A profound reason for this is different individuals absorb the same nutrients differently based on genetic formulate. Genetic variation is very much known to affect and interfere the food tolerance in human beings.  

After digestion, the food, is ingests or absorbs and sorted into smaller cellular divisions or units. The genes present in the human body decides this division. That is, genetic variation affects the process of absorption and reabsorption of nutrients which people tend to consume. And identifies as the factor responsible for influencing the nutritional status in humans. Since different genetic profiles cause undesirable reactions on recommendation of nutrition, wide variations are not forsaken. As they may even cause deaths as conditions like Anaphylaxis though small ones never matters. 
It is factual that genes are the blueprint and determines the destiny of human beings. However with the unfolding of a new branch in modern science, personalized wellness became possible.

This is through personalized genetic testing and interpretations.

As individual elements vary understanding genetics helps out to focus on personalized wellness decisions. Taking up the knowledge of the DNA with assistance of genetic counselors provides evidence based personalized information that helps to alter the lifestyle of individuals and improve the quality of life. Vieroots turning over a new phase of personalized wellness profounds Eplimo keeping in mind to enhance a healthy living taking away current sedentary lifestyle of humans.

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