Live a Worry-Free Life with EPLIMO

EPLIMO: Does the term seem new? Can a trending exercise regimen or a buzzing diet plan kill you? Or, do some nutritional supplements have a negative impact on your health? Can some meditation techniques make you sick? Unfortunately, the answer to all of these is yes. No two people are the same; their genetic and metabolic make-ups are vastly different.

Medical and technological advancements have made it possible to predict each person’s health risks. And it is proven that personalized lifestyle modifications can help lower the risk of developing several serious diseases in life.

What is EPLIMO?

With a mission to help people take charge of their health and wellness, and to empower them to live longer and more productive lives, Vieroots Wellness Solutions has leveraged its expertise to deliver high levels of personalized lifestyle modifications for better wellness. Diet plans, exercise regimens, sleeping patterns, nutritional supplements, meditation techniques, yoga postures etc. can be totally personalized through EPLIMO, aka Personalized Lifestyle Modifications using Epigenetics.

Let us understand the process of EPLIMO and how it helps you live a longer life of high productivity. 

Know your EPLIMO process

The process starts with an exclusive evaluation called the Geno-Metabolic Assessment. Almost all diseases have their roots in your genetic profile, your metabolic profile, or both. All the information in your genes or DNA that has been inherited from your ancestors is called a Genetic profile. Right from the shape of your nose and the colour of your skin, up to the various lifestyle diseases which your ancestors had, are all coded into your genes.

On the other hand, your metabolic profile is a window into your present health condition. Metabolism is your body’s process of converting food and nutrients into energy and the building blocks needed by your cells. It is how waste is managed. Also, it is an accepted fact that almost all lifestyle diseases have their roots in metabolic disorders.

Using the Viegenome Genetic Predisposition Test, we decode all the information in your DNA. It tells us how your genes respond to various nutrients, medicines, exercises, etc. It provides information about all the possible lifestyle diseases to which you may be susceptible. For this, we will send you a simple saliva collection kit. Our own logistics team will collect the kit from your home.

Metabolic assessment happens using our highly advanced mobile app, EPLIMO, which you can download and install. You can complete the entire assessment in the privacy of your own home.

It takes about 3 to 4 weeks to get your genetic report, which appears in the EPLIMO app. With the support of artificial intelligence, our team of doctors and geneticists will prepare a highly personalized lifestyle modification plan. This is based on your genetic and metabolic reports.  We call this an EPLIMO recommendation, which appears in your app.

What you get with EPLIMO

These recommendations provide you with all the vital information. For instance, you will learn which foods are beneficial to your health and which should be avoided. Which types of exercises are beneficial to your geno-metabolic profile and which are detrimental? Vitamins and minerals you should take and which ones not to supplement with. And which medicines can cause negative results in your cells? Here, you are getting a complete operating manual for your body and mind. This can support you in living a highly energetic, productive, healthy, and longer life. 


The EPLIMO App has other attractive features like health data storage. Here, you can store all your health-related reports, like prescriptions, scan reports, etc. The app connects you with nearby doctors and wellness practitioners. With them, you can consult online or fix appointments if you want to visit them. The EPLIMO App is compatible with many wearable devices. The EPLIMO app is your total health companion.


We at Vieroots help you take charge of your health and live a highly productive life. With EPLIMO, you can take charge in keeping your diseases at bay. The good news is that this is a one-time investment in yourself that will make the rest of your life highly productive and worry-free. Take this decision for yourself and your loved ones and choose the proven way for a longer, happier, healthier, and highly productive life of peak performance.


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