We have all been bullied by our mums to eating our greens citing how good are these for our eyes especially carrots. And most of you are continuing the similar tradition with your kids. I have a much sweeter deal to share. Eating grapes are good for your eyes and can prevent the chances of going blind in later age. 

  • Grapes contains polyphenols and other molecules that have anti oxidant and anti inflammatory effect and is effective against retinal degeneration. The anti oxidant compounds namely Lutein and Zeaxanthinwhich are carotenoides, are known to help in maintaining good eyesight. 
  • Grapes or Draksha counter acts on damage created by oxidative stress and preserves the retinal structure of the eye. 
  • Slowly gaining its popularity as a superfood, grapes are even rich sources of Vitamin C, Vitamin K and beta carotene which help the body rid of unstable free radicals that causes cellular damage. 

Nutritional Value Of Grapes

One serving of grapes contains the following –

NutrientTypeQuantity% DailyValue
VitaminVitamin C16 mg27%
Vitamin K22 mcg28%
Thiamin0.4 mg27%
Vitamin AMinute quantity
Pantothenic acidMinute quantity
Vitamin B6Minute quantity
FolateMinute quantity
Beta carotenMinute quantity
Alpha caroteneMinute quantity
Copper 0.2mg10%
Iron0.5 mg
Calcium Minute quantity
MagnesiumMinute quantity
ZincMinute quantity
SeleniumMinute quantity
Total Carbohydrates27g


A polyphenol anti oxidant present in the skin of the grapes contains around 160g for a single serving. Resveratrol is anti inflammatory, antiantioxidant and antiestrogenic in nature that activates the enzymes of the liver to rid the body of toxins. Also it is effective against metabolic diseases. 

How Grapes Are Good For Your Eyes

Grapes plays an important role in improving eye health by protecting the retina from deterioration. Retina is the part of your eyes that contains cells that respond to light that is photoreceptors. These photoreceptors are protected by the compounds present in grapes thus improving vision and preventing age related vision loss. 

The Vitamin A and lutein found in grapes can improve the health of your eyes. Although your familiar with Vitamin A you may not be so much with lutein. It is an antioxidant found in most vegetables which is collected by your retina as a means to protecting yourself from damages caused by free radicals and prevents unnecessary stress, damage and degeneration. 

Grapes can now be a sweet treat for your tummy and your eyesso that you could see the world better. 

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