Ayurveda describes three doshas of the body as the energies or the forces of the body.These are known as tridoshas and they are Vatta, Pitta and Kapha dosha.Ayurveda helbs in maintaining the overall health of the body by balancing all these doshas and any imbalance in any of these doshas can result in various health problems. In this blog, let us look at some of the health benefits provided by an herb called Pippalimoola. Basically, it is used for healthy respiratory system. There are other uses as well.If you have any problems with digestion such as flatulence, heart burn or if you experience loss of appetite,this herb can help you. There are also many other health benefits provided by Pippali mula. From boosting your metabolism to lowering the lipid levels to treat respiratory disorders, the health benefits of this herb are much more than your expectations.Pippali is widely used in Ayurveda particularly for diseases of the respiratory tract.It is useful in constipation, diarrhea, cholera,viral hepatitis and other diseases.Let us look at the components of this wonderful herb.

  • Piperine and piplartine are present in the spikes of this herb.
  • The fruit and root both have a bitter taste.
  • The roots and fruits are used to treat diseases like palsy, gout etc.
  • The fruit of this herb is also said to possess diuretic, digestive properties besides being useful in the inflammation of liver,joint pains, night blindness etc.

Did you know that this wonderful herb has the power to detoxify your liver? Let us see how.The active component of this herb is Piperine,it can help fight against hepatotoxicity. Piperine has the power to protect your liver,restricting fibrosis and improves regeneration.Let us look into the other health benefits offered by Pippali mula.

It helps manage Diabetes

  • Pippali can help manage hyperglycemia or high blood glucose levels.Studies have shown that pipplai helps boost insulin in the body while decreasing the levels of glycosylated haemoglobin, which is a marker for diabetes. 
  • It may also help to protect against liver and kidney damagethat are typical complications of diabetes.It also helps in correcting changes in the cholesterol levels in the body that diabetic prople are prone to.Athough it has many benefits for diabetic people, please do not consider this as a substitute for your diabetic medication.

Pippali helps fight Insomnia

  • Pippali in combination with other herbs such as Ashwagandha and Jatamanshi are very effective in promoting better sleep and improves overall well being and alertness. 
  • Even in the treatment of epilepsy, this herb is found to be very effective.

Pippali helps to boost metabolism

  • Many people have been trying hard to reduce weight and if you are one among them, then this wonderful herb can help you. In cases of dyslipidemia(high levels of cholesterol/fats), pippali has been found to be very beneficial in reducing the levels due to its lipid lowering properties.
  • It also helps in boosting metabolism which could help people with slow metabolism and associated weight gain.

Pippali helps fight against Alzhemer’s disease

  • Pippali has anti seizure activity and this herb may be useful against epilepsy, which is a neurological disorder. It has strong antioxidant properties which helps to fight against free readical damages that is responsible for age related disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. 
  • Pippali contains a compound which can control the production of a protein called amyloid precursorthat is involved in Alzheimer’s disease.

For Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory disease that can cause severe joint pain.This herb is very effective in the treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • It helps by decreasing the pain and inflammation of joints because it has anti inflammatory properties.
  • Pippali has the ability to remove toxins from the body.It is also very effective in treating other disorders like degradation of joints.

For Asthma

  • Since this herb has anti inflammatory properties, it helps in preventing asthmatic attacks.
  • It also helps in dilating the bronchioles and work by reducing the swelling and mucus production in the airways.

For Tuberculosis

  • This herb helps in improving the strength of lungs and improves the appetite that helps in gaining weight and helps to avoid weight loss that is associated with tuberculosis and its treatment.

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