The hidden opportunity in Covid-19 to boost your health & finances

The enormity of the Covid-19 pandemic is driving multidisciplinary research like never before. An embattled healthcare field is actively soliciting research help from basic sciences, mathematics, statistics and especially computer science to crack the code on the mysteries of Covid-19.

Now, a team of computer scientists at University of Copenhagen, Denmark, seems to have achieved just that. Two issues that all frontline hospitals that treat Covid-19 patients face is how to find out which patients are having a risk of death from Covid-19, so as to give them intensive care; and secondly, which all patients are likely to face respiratory distress and therefore in need of ventilators.

So far, it was not possible to predict this with a reasonable degree of accuracy. But now this team of researchers has achieved it by creating a program driven by Artificial Intelligence that unearthed interesting patterns from thousands of past Covid-19 patient data. And they could make out a unique priority list of risky conditions that sharply increase the likelihood of developing respiratory distress needing the use of ventilators (with 80% accuracy) and possible loss of life if not intensively cared for (with 90% precision).

This scary list of Covid-19 comorbidities starts with high Body Mass Index (BMI) or obesity, with advancing age being next, and others in priority order being hypertension or high blood pressure, being male, neurological diseases like dementia, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), asthma, diabetes & heart disease.

While the objective of this research and of the AI based tool it created was assisting hospitals in assessing the risks of the Covid-19 patients they admit, reality is that much more can be done by using this knowledge to fortify the health of everyone.

The most important takeaway from this list is that even without a Covid-19 infection, almost all these diseases are big killers in their own right. For instance, hypertension, diabetes, & heart disease, each kill more people annually than Covid-19. Therefore, it made immense sense, any day, to tackle them for their own damage. But Covid-19 elevates the risk from these diseases to a whole new level.

However, taken rightly, it is a huge opportunity too, to improve your health to a whole new level. So far, the way these lifestyle diseases were treated or managed was simply waiting for it to hit you, then consult a specialist, and be on lifelong medication for it. Covid-19 calls for a drastic shift from this business-as-usual approach.

If you haven’t developed any of these diseases so far, you simply cannot afford to be indifferent anymore whether you get any of them or not. In case, you have already developed one or two diseases from this list, you simply cannot afford to manage it indifferently anymore. This is because, from being an eventual risk to life, Covid-19 has made these diseases imminent and acute risks to life.

Fortunately, there is a modern and scientific way to keep such lifestyle diseases at bay. It is called Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications. As of now, Vieroots Wellness Solutions is the only company in India, and one among a handful of such companies in the world, that offers this cutting-edge solution.

Vieroots’ EPLIMO as it is called, is implemented as an AI powered smartphone app. It takes as its input the user’s VieGenome test result and their metabolic assessment or profile. VieGenome is Vieroots’ own genetic susceptibility test for checking your genes for chances to develop over 200 common lifestyle diseases. Sample collection is easy, as it is a saliva-based test, and can be collected from home using a kit.

Based on these two inputs, and helped by Artificial Intelligence to crunch the massive level of genetic data, a panel of Vieroots’ doctors, nutritionists, fitness experts etc formulate highly personalized regimens for diet, exercise, meditation, yoga, sleep etc that are epigenetic or capable of keeping even genetically mediated diseases at bay. Visit now.

EPLIMO is for those who want to save their own lives, and the quality of their lives, by taking charge of their own health. Vieroots also offers a huge opportunity for those who want to make a prosperous living, by saving lives of others. The company has created a next-generation ‘Work From Home’ platform, WOHO, which is fully digital and content-rich to convey this life-saving concept through social media channels and thus earn an attractive remuneration for your efforts. Visit to explore more.

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