Only if you know in advance, Can you be ready with defence

Cancer hits without a warning. Or so, most people think. Most cancer patients end up thinking, “If only I had known…” But reality is that development of cancer is not an overnight phenomenon. Medical research has found that like many other lifestyle diseases, most cancers occur when inherited possibilities for developing cancer, encoded in our genes, are triggered by poor lifestyles or toxic environmental factors.

Advancements in medical science in recent years, especially in genetics, have also made it possible to predict whether a person has chances to develop one among the several types of cancers during their lifetime.

This doesn’t mean that a person with such detected possibilities for developing cancer, will always end up with cancer. There are several more known and unknown factors in the equation. One of the known factors is a healthy metabolism which can ward off some cancers to an extent. Metabolism refers to how the body breaks up food to form energy and building blocks for our cells.

That is why a geno-metabolic assessment can more accurately predict the possibilities for developing cancer. Now, a common question that arises is what is the use in knowing about such a risk beforehand? Won’t it just give us sleepless nights and nothing more?

Not at all. In fact, a possibility or susceptibility for developing cancer is not the end of the road at all. It is just a wake-up call to realize what can happen if we don’t take care. But, if we do take care, and adopt the necessary lifestyle modifications, this genetic possibility won’t be triggered at all, meaning you will have lifelong protection against cancer, despite having this possibility in your genes.

But there is a catch. When we say, necessary lifestyle modifications, a common mistake would be to assume that generic lifestyle modification advice like quit smoking, drink less, eat sensibly, or sleep more, would work. If such modifications had worked, we wouldn’t have had this raging cancer epidemic.

Such generic advices are well and good, but remember, we are up against a formidable enemy that is hardcoded in genes, which calls for scientifically validated lifestyle modifications. We want lifestyle changes that can overcome even our genetics, or in other words, epigenetic lifestyle modifications.

Now, the best, and perhaps the only, proven way to have such highly beneficial and epigenetic lifestyle changes is through personalization. No two human beings are similar in their genetic make-up or metabolic profiles.

When a person’s genes and metabolism are professionally assessed through a geno-metabolic assessment, and a team of specialist doctors, nutritionists and fitness experts draws up an extensive set of personalized lifestyle modifications, only then will such modifications be epigenetic and powerful enough to keep cancer at bay.

By now, you must be wondering whether any healthcare company anywhere in the world is providing such an advanced service. Yes, in fact, only a few companies in the West are offering this service. In India, no company except Vieroots Wellness Solutions is currently offering such an advanced and comprehensive prediction and protection program against cancer.

Vieroots EPLIMO is India’s first and only Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Management service that incorporates its own VieGenome Test that screens for the possibility for developing not only several common cancers, but around 200 common lifestyle diseases including diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, COPD, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc.

EPLIMO personalizes lifestyle modifications for you based on the results of your VieGenome test and a detailed metabolic assessment, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, and these are delivered to you via the EPLIMO app for iOS and Android devices.

On this World Cancer Day, investing in EPLIMO for you and your family members should make immense sense, as this would amount to only a small investment, compared with the huge physical, emotional, and material costs that cancer and its treatment can bring upon your household, apart from the huge risk of premature death.

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