DID YOU KNOW? You Need Immunity Boosting Zinc Daily

When it comes to immunity, there are few nutrients that are as essential as Zinc. This micronutrient’s action on immunity is not along a single pathway, but through multiple pathways that are synergistic or work together to defend against all kinds of disease-causing organisms like viruses & bacteria.

Zinc’s defense of the human body starts at the skin level and extends to defending the cellular membranes. This has been key in Zinc’s reputation in managing skin ailments like acne, rashes etc. Zinc also works effectively as an antioxidant and is effective in enhancing reproductive health.

More than 300 enzymes essential to the body depend on Zinc for functioning properly. Because of this, Zinc is necessary for the production and effective working of most components of the immune system like white blood cells, antibodies, natural killer cells, neutrophils, T cells, and this list is endless. No wonder then that Zinc-deficient persons have compromised immunity.

But for all its versatility and mission-critical roles, Zinc metabolism has some peculiarities. Unlike, say, Vitamin D or some of the B Vitamins, body cannot produce Zinc by its own or obtain it from the gut microbiome. Even more importantly, body also cannot store Zinc, which makes its daily supply through diet or supplements essential.

One issue with dietary sources of Zinc is that some of the best sources like red meat, shell fish, dairy & eggs are double-edged swords, with associated risks for many people if taken in daily or high quantities. Vegetarians are more prone to Zinc deficiency unless they regularly consume items like legumes, nuts & seeds in good quantities.

Thus, almost anyone can benefit from Zinc supplementation, together with reasonable quantities from food sources. Different Zinc salts are available as supplements in the market, but the best to go in for is Zinc Picolinate for its high bioavailability.

While the RDA of Zinc is 11 mg for men, Zinc deficient individuals and those having Type 2 Diabetes are often given much higher doses by doctors.

In this unprecedented pandemic environment with high infectiousness prevailing, many doctors across the world are prescribing 50 mg Zinc daily for adults. Zinc has been proven in studies to be particularly effective in warding off pneumonia, one of the key complications of Covid-19.

Vieroots Super Zinc is an excellent Zinc supplement which contains 50 mg of the superior Zinc Picolinate together with 250 mg of the superfood, Spirulina, which is a good source of several nutrients.

For more information on how Zinc can boost your overall health and especially immunity, read noted wellness evangelist & biohacking specialist Sajeev Nair’s recent book, ‘The Making of a Superhuman’.

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