DID YOU KNOW? Too Little or Too Much Exercise is Bad for Immunity

Along with adequate nighttime sleep, a daily exercise regimen is one of the natural ways to boost your immunity. Research studies show a significant inverse relationship between moderate exercise training and infection risk. This is because exercise has a systemic or body-wide anti-inflammatory action mediated through multiple pathways.

Exercise sessions induce temporary effects on immunity, and when done regularly, induce chronic positive effects too. Therefore, a daily exercise habit is so beneficial that it can even delay the onset of age-related dysfunctions in immunity.

However, just like too much sleep of over 7-8 hours, too much exercise can be harmful to immunity. But how much is too much depends on several personal factors. As a rule of thumb, for most young people, moderate exercise is classified as aerobic activity at 60% of both oxygen uptake & heart rate reserve for less than 60 minutes.

Above such thresholds, it is considered as vigorous exercise. Multiple studies have found that such vigorous exercise sessions have damaging effects on immunity, making people more susceptible to infections.

Again, these effects can be temporary after, say an intense bout in gym or a half marathon, or cause a permanent depression in the immune system when done regularly. No wonder, then that Ayurveda always suggests moderate exercise as one of the pillars of good health.

Some heavy regimens like High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can even cause death in some people born with abnormal heart rhythms. A major study has also found that HIIT sessions depress immunity significantly, thus making people more susceptible to get Covid-19.

There are several genetic, metabolic & age-related factors that should be taken into consideration while formulating a personalized exercise regimen for boosting health & immunity to superhuman levels.

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Another important finding from exercise immunology is that enhanced intake of polyphenols, especially flavonoids, help boost immunity in people following an exercise regimen, including an intense regimen.

Vieroots has several immunity boosters containing polyphenols like Natural C, Anti-Oxidant Complex, NAD Complex, Intuit, Viemmune, and in fact, most Vieroots’ supplements are made from select Ayurvedic herbs that are the richest sources of polyphenols.

For more information on how personalized lifestyle modifications in sleep, exercise, nutrition etc can boost your immunity, read noted wellness evangelist and biohacker Sajeev Nair’s recent book, ‘The Making of a Superhuman’.

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