DID YOU KNOW? There are Good & Bad Vegetables for You

Recently, a study has come that finds vegetables like leafy greens and beetroot reducing heart disease risk significantly. Just a cup of such vegetables a day were found to cut the risk by 12-26% depending upon the kind of heart disease that was evaluated. It is a major study in that it studied 50,000 people for a 23-year old period. Now, what is common between leafy greens and beetroot? Between green and red? Well, it is nitrates, which lower blood pressure markedly, and indeed, in this study also, a lowering of BP was observed. But what happens if someone takes such health news to heart and begins everyday with a beetroot smoothie? If that person is having normal pressure or mild hypertension that is untreated, he or she may be benefitted. But what if it is taken by a person with low BP or who is on BP lowering medicines already? That spells trouble! That is why you need a personalized lifestyle management solution like EPLIMO from Vieroots. A service that remains at the cutting-edge of research to continually suggest you what is personally good for you. For instance, cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli & kale are among the best superfoods on this planet, unless you have hypothyroidism or a genetic chance for developing hypothyroidism. Similarly, tubers like tapioca, taro & sweet potato are great for longevity, but not advisable if you have diabetes or a geno-metabolic chance for developing it. But how on earth would you know what risks you carry? Only EPLIMO can help you in this, as it includes the most comprehensive geno-metabolic assessment that can detect chances for developing any among 200 common lifestyle diseases, and based on that, provide you detailed dietary modifications like which vegetables to include and which to exclude, to keep such diseases at bay, and empower you for superhuman performance. Not only dietary modifications, but modifications in exercise, supplements, yoga, meditation etc are provided by EPLIMO. For more information on the need for personalized lifestyle hacks and how to achieve it, read renowned wellness evangelist & biohacker, Sajeev Nair’s 2020 classic, ‘The Making of a Superhuman’.

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