DID YOU KNOW? Mild Covid can be a Blessing in Disguise

A new landmark study from US has proved that those who had mild Covid have antibodies that last after 11 months, and which the study says will be enough for a lifetime of protection, much like vaccination. This refutes earlier hypotheses that the infection doesn’t provide lasting protection.

Does this prove that we should drop our guard and welcome Covid? Absolutely not. In fact, the reverse is what is true. Serious Covid cases can inflict lasting damage to the whole body including to the immune system. The key point here is mild Covid. How to target this?

Rule number 1 is to prevent Covid by all means like masks, room ventilation, hand hygiene and social distancing. That will ensure that even if you get Covid despite all these measures, the viral load will be minimum.

There was an earlier study which proved that masks were helping in spreading herd immunity by minimizing viral load and thus inoculating people without their knowledge when they interact.

Rule number 2 to ensure that Covid remains mild is to guard your health and immunity. Nutritious food, adequate sleep, moderate exercise, stress management and select supplements are essential for optimum immunity.

Optimum immunity is that which is strong enough to keep Covid mild without secondary infections like pneumonia, and normal enough to prevent other Covid complications due to hyperactive immunity like cytokine storms, lung fibroids, blood clots, hypoxia etc.

Vieroots has several supplements to ensure optimum immunity, like Natural C, Super Zinc, Super Magnesium, Viemmune and Krill Oil that contains Omega-3s and other essential nutrients.

Rule number 3 to ensure that Covid remains mild is to keep all lifestyle diseases in control or at bay. Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, dementia, cancers, COPD, organ failures and several such diseases are the comorbidities that can make even a mild Covid infection into a life- threatening risk.

Vieroots EPLIMO is the first Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications program in India that can help control or keep at bay, hundreds of such lifestyle diseases, based on your detailed genetic and metabolic screening. For those who want to take charge of their health and immunity, to prevent both lifestyle diseases and pandemic grade complications, EPLIMO is the perfect choice.

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