DID YOU KNOW? Fat is Not Behind Fat

A most common misconception about being overweight or obese is that it is the fatty foods that are fattening. Multiple studies in recent years have however disproved this and found that for most people, it is excess carbohydrates & sugars in the diet that are fattening. Knowing this is half the battle won. But the other half is not so easy. Most diets that focus on calories fail, because a lot more goes into making someone overweight or obese. They include genetic and metabolic factors, and they differ from person to person. That is why you need a detailed geno-metabolic assessment like EPLIMO to understand what is making you retain weight. EPLIMO will then deliver you Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications that can override even the geo-metabolic factors that make you overweight. These include a personalized diet, personalized supplements with natural NIRF2 activators, personalized exercises, and personalized yoga & meditation. EPLIMO is the need of the day as obesity contributes to several metabolic disorders like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, cancer etc, apart from being a leading co-morbidity in Covid-19 by itself, causing severe complications and even death. For more information on what really makes you overweight and what all you can do about it, read the new book ‘The Making of a Superhuman’ by Sajeev Nair, renowned wellness evangelist, biohacker, author and founder of Vieroots the health-tech startup that pioneered personalized epigenetic lifestyle management in India.

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