DID YOU KNOW? Covid Ups Heart Attack Risk in Those with Genetic Chances

While cardiovascular diseases were long back identified as a Covid-19 comorbidity, new research published in the ‘American Journal of Preventive Cardiology’, says the infection is a trigger that raises the rate of heart attacks in those with diagnosed heart disease & familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) and even in those with genetic risks for FH. This large study has grabbed international eyeballs as it looked at not just diagnosed cardiac conditions, but also at those with genetic risks for FH, whom the study names as ‘probable FH’ cases. These results may partially explain the large number of post-Covid deaths being witnessed now. The study calls for early genetic screening for FH so that early interventions can prevent complications from Covid too. Vieroots EPLIMO can detect genetic & metabolic chances for developing 200 diseases including FH & cardiovascular diseases and suggest personalized lifestyle modifications to keep them at bay. Vieroots also has ‘Cardioprotective’, a supplement made of scientifically validated Ayurvedic ingredients, that is helpful against both heart diseases and high cholesterol.

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