DID YOU KNOW? Blood Sugar Control is Vital Against Black Fungus

It is no coincidence that the Covid complication of mucormycosis (black fungus & white fungus) has emerged in India. As it is well known by now, the disease is much more susceptible in diabetic patients. The country is world’s diabetes capital, with around 10% of adult population estimated to be suffering from this highly damaging lifestyle disease.

Covid came as a double whammy for diabetic patients as not only are they more susceptible to such viral infections, but because Covid by itself can cause elevated blood sugar in both diabetic and some non-diabetic patients.

In addition to this, is the usage of immunosuppressants like steroids in Covid patients, which reduce immunity drastically and open the door to such fungal infections. As steroids are essential in treating Covid complications, this is a grave challenge.

Though black fungus has been a rare disease worldwide, and even in India, the country has had continual brush with this fungal infection much before Covid too. A study from 2013-2015 at four tertiary care hospitals in India reported 388 black fungus cases, of which nearly 56% were reported as having uncontrolled diabetes, which shows the critical link of this disease to elevated blood sugar.

Black fungus is a serious disease, as the overall mortality in even well-treated patients range from 30% to 46.7%. So, the need of the hour is to ensure proper blood sugar control in all diabetic patients.

Ayurveda has many scientifically validated herbs that regulate blood sugar holistically, which when combined in a perfect formulation, provides synergistic action against diabetes thereby ensuring stable blood sugar levels.

Such a better formulation is Vieroots Glucomere, that apart from keeping healthy blood sugar levels, strike at the root of this complex lifestyle disease by promoting healthy digestion, optimum metabolism and slower aging.

There are also several nutrients that play a major role in diabetes, by optimizing insulin sensitivity and insulin production, to regulate blood sugar levels. Prime among them are magnesium and zinc. Vieroots has fine formulations for both these minerals – Super Magnesium & Super Zinc – which acts along with Glucomere in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes complications.

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