You are what you eat”. Do you agree to this statement? Research suggest that what you eat affects you and sometimes even your children and grandchildren When you live in a clean environment and follow a lifestyle that includes the right kind of diet and exercise that your body needs, you can make Epigenetics do wonders for your body. This is the reason why We have always been told to eat healthy foods and to keep our surroundings clean in order to stay away from diseases. Now when you look at it, this age-old statement is true and the secret behind this is powerful science of Epigenetics.

Can your diet change your DNA

Diet choices can actually change the way your genes behave.  What the mother eats during pregnancy can increase the risk of the baby becoming obese as an adult. Research have shown that people can react very differently to the same foods. Fruits, vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates may affect people differently. Studies are showing that people’s bodies can react very differently to the same foods, and standardized nutrition advice doesn’t fit everybody. Even identical twins can have varying responses to identical foods, new research finds, suggesting that the variety can’t be explained by genes alone. 

Epigenetics, is the study of how different biological and environmental signals affect gene expression plays a crucial role in this. Studies have shown that a father’s diet can influence his child’s mental fitness and a mother’s Vitamin D intake can influence the placenta functioning in the child.


The Nutritional Epigenetics tells about the mechanisms of gene diet interactions. It deals with how the molecules in food interact through metabolic systems, with the molecules that attach to DNA and control levels of gene expression in the body. This evidence will be really helpful to support a better and healthy lifestyle free of diseases. Research have shown that nutrients in different foods and supplements we consume may be able to adjust or reverse epigenetic mechanisms. Studies have proved that the food we eat can change the epigenetic states. A diet that is high in fat and low in carbohydrates, such as the keto diet, could improve the mental ability, especially in cases of conditions like epilepsy. Polyphenols, for example, which are found in foods such as fruits, vegetables, olives, and chocolate, have been shown to be effective in increasing good resilience (the ability to fight back) and reducing depression. Blueberries are incredibly high in antioxidants and it’s thought that this “superfood” can epigenetically reduce DNA damage. This evidence helped humans to fight against cancer and possibly even slow aging.

Know the food that suits your body

We can even know which diet suits our body (personalized nutrition). We often think that taking supplements is a good thing, but what if we consume too much? Knowing that whether the food or supplement is helping or harming your body is of paramount importance. A person’s diet is an important source of epigenetic signals. A person’s diet is an important source of epigenetic signals. Research have shown that the different B vitamins may provide protection against the harmful epigenetic effects of pollution on the body. Genetic testing helps us to know the right kind of food to take and also the correct fitness regime that suits our body. So that a personalized nutrition can be obtained and the possibility of getting a particular health condition can be prevented and a healthy and happy lifestyle can be achieved.

To wind up

What you eat may have a genetic impact on your kids and grandkids. Whether it is a poor or a healthy diet, it can alter the nature of one’s DNA and those changes can be passed on to the next generation. Our diet plays a crucial role in shaping the Epigenetics. Though the environment influences the epigenetic factors, we can’t take full control on that. But regarding our diet we can make changes and avoid the triggering factors that may lead to diseases. Here is good news for you. Epigenetic changes are reversible! Let’s switch on to ancient Ayurvedic mode of treatment where pure herbs are used which proved therapeutic effects. Now a days more authentic herbal supplement and wellness coaching centers are there to create more awareness regarding health and well being. The right environmental exposures and the right kind of lifestyle is the key to unlock one’s own Epigenetics. Isn’t it interesting to know about such factors? So, let’s unravel the link between Epigenetics and diet and put more focus on our health and wellness.

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